Beauty Saved The World

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Glamour Sells The Beauty Of The Model


Hi i  am Stevie Louise. I have been modeling for around 4 years now The first time I started modeling was when I lived in the french alps back in 2010 - 2011. I was lucky enough to have been picked by a clothing brand line called Ninelives. We explored the area of La Rosiere and climbed to the highest Peak and shot from there. Since working on the french alps shoot i decided that modeling was for me. Since a very young age I have always wanted to model and always loved the camera. I got selected to shoot for Main station, and a  fancy dress shop in colchester. This shoot was amazing  and we all got to dress up in several outfits. On the same day we had to join a parade which all of our pictures was on the local paper showing the glamour outfits. I was seleted to shoot for spearmint rhino which is a glamor shoot. The wonderful RIRi images shot me in one of the  clubs based in London. I have had the opportunity to be in creative portrait magazines, this shoot was very magical shot by Simon rich. Two of us were modeling on a pier in beautiful prom dresses at night.  I have shot for Mary ratcliffes all her high fashion designer clothing. This was a great experience and clothing range was beautiful. We shot at an art gallery in colchester. Since becoming professional I have been shooting in Valencia spain. I got selected straight away and the photographers was so impressed with our work. Several images of mine where up in a London art gallery. This is a fantastic feeling and I Continue to push my dreams as a model and have now gone in to working on the cat walk.