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I'm an experienced part-time model, specialising in corsetry modelling. I tend towards more alt/pinup/boudoir styles, but I have a versatile look and an eclectic port - so happy to work to a variety of different styles. I love doing art nude shoots, and anything emotive or creative too.

If you're interested in working with my corsetry, I have a wide range that I make myself that I can bring to shoots (most of the corsets in my photos are made by me!). I'm quite curvy, so whilst I can lace down to 19/20", I might not be able to lace down this far in an off-the-rack corset unless it is a more curvy style. 

I can do my own hair and makeup to a high standard, and most of the hair and makeup in my port is done by myself. I work out regularly, so I'm toned and flexible and can hold interesting shapes.

I work up to nude levels, but strictly no open leg (if you need clarification of what I mean here, then please feel free to ask). I currently have a small bit of fluff, to make nude shoots a little easier in this respect.

I also have catwalk and video experience.

Tattoos - I have a long "vine" tattoo running up my entire left side, and a large fairy tattoo on my back. I also have a nose piercing and piercings in my ear lobes and cartilage, which can be removed for shoots.

Measurements - These are always kept up to date! My bust measurement is 33" and my bra size is 30D, I know it isn't clear on here! My waist fluctuates between 24-25", and my hip measurement is for my lower hip (around my butt) - my high hip is 34". If you're a designer, and you need any other measurements I will ensure these are provided accurately in either inches or cm

Availability - I work full time for myself so am able to be flexible with my availability. However, I generally won't be looking to book more than 3-4 shoots a week, as I have another business to run alongside my modelling. I'm happy to book months in advance, so if you want to shoot with me please don't hesitate to book well ahead, as I may not be able to accommodate last minute. 

TF - I love creative tf shoots, but really having to limit my tf/part paid at the moment.

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