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strike that pose

Welcome to my page. Thanks for taking a look, and I hope you read and see something that inspires you to want to work with me.

I am French by birth and now reside in London, where I intend to stay if my career continues as it is.

Primarily an actress, I have now branched into the world of modeling and feel my acting abilities are serving me well on the photo shoots I have done so far. I am versatile, expressive and I can demonstrate a wide range of looks.

I am an extremely positive, very driven and focused person. I thrive on setting myself high targets and accomplishing their completion. Traveling, discovering, learning and ballet dance are other great passions of mine.

I am now getting back into my ballet dance and hope to be able to work with people interested in shooting me doing so.

Group shoots / Tuition's / Workshops / Studio days / Shared photographer shoots

I do not charge any extra rates for any of the above. You are paying for my time for me to model for you just as it is when I am on sets with my acting. I can only pose for one person at a time anyway, so my rate remains the same as if working one to one.

Rates :-

£35ph first 2 hours

£120 for 4 hours

£200 for 8 hours

These are not set in stone :- I welcome offers depending on what you would like to shoot while I am currently new to this site and proving my abilities. ( SEE BELOW )

Travel :-

I am more than happy to Travel u.k wide and anywhere in the world with costs covered.

Availability :-

I will be keeping my calendar up to date on here for ease of bookings.

Levels :-

As you can see in some of my pictures, I am confident to work nude, but I pose in such a way that nothing can be seen between my legs.

Then, if you want to do a nude shoot, please tell me what you want to achieve and be specific about it. I am happy to pose nude when it is emotive, expressive and artistic and above all when it has been discussed before.

If you can send me a mood board, that is great

I do not do glamour and if doing topless, it has to show something elegant, graceful, delicate... 

In summary, I only do art nude, nothing tacky, no open legs.


Below is my pinterestboard:-

I hope you can bear with me while I am getting time to add more images to my portfolio that I already have. Please do come back if you are interested to work with me where you will find more pictures of the many styles and looks I am able to create.

Thank you,